Steps towards simplifying the wardrobe

Simplification is the lack of clarity in the lives of many people. If you force things, it can be a painful process, as it involves giving up. Approached slowly, punctually, calmly, and patiently, however, it can be full of rewards and sometimes life-saving.

So more and more people on NorskeAnmeldelser want to give up inappropriate clothes. Maybe a more organized closet was a New Year’s resolution. Maybe a simplification has been on your list of spring cleaning goals. Or, maybe, you’re just tired of the stray shoes that knock you down, the erotic arms that choke you, and the sweaters that avalanche you every time you open the closet door.

Whatever the situation, you know it’s time to organize, edit, and split things to an easier-to-manage size.


What does wardrobe planning mean?

Organizing outfits during the weekend for the whole week.

Wardrobe planning is a change in the way we wear clothes, and this step can promote important changes in our consumption habits. You can choose to buy fewer but higher quality clothes from Wakakuu. In this way, you will simplify your wardrobe, but you will also reduce costs.

Buy only what you need and make sure it is quality. You don’t solve anything if you buy clothes obsessively at discounts or low prices, but which do not suit you at all.

The benefits of a simple wardrobe

Here are the most important benefits of a simpler wardrobe:

You make your time more efficient

One of the first things I noticed from the moment I started having the capsule wardrobe was how easy it is for me to decide what to wear that day. Because I only have things that I like, that suit me, and that match my mood and lifestyle. As a result, it takes me a maximum of three minutes to decide what to wear.

In an era when 24 hours a day are insufficient, we no longer have to try on clothes to integrate them into an outfit. The decision to choose the outfit is much faster.

I spend at least five times less time in front of the closet than before, which allows me to press the snooze button again in the morning.

You gain more control over your finances

When we make a conscious choice to live with a small selection of clothes, we will go shopping less often (or not at all during a year, as is my case) and avoid impulse shopping. Often, once we create our capsule wardrobe, there is no need to go shopping. We become more selective about the clothes we buy, we choose only items that we like very much and that we need in the wardrobe. As a result, we save time and money by buying less and being more aware of our choices.

The focus we pay on our clothing purchases improves our quality of life, encourages investment in the quality of clothing, helps reduce waste, saves time, and, in the long run, money.

You reduce your decision fatigue

Our ability to make decisions deteriorates throughout the day as we mentally exhaust ourselves with all the big and small choices we have to make. It may seem unimportant, but the time wasted trying more outfits to find the perfect outfit consumes us from the energy reserve allocated for that day.

With a capsule wardrobe, we no longer accentuate the fatigue caused by the effort to think about what we will wear. This saves energy for the more important decisions we have to make during the day.

It reduces the sources of stress

In our busy lives, many of us quickly reach the point of collapse, usually caused by the dozens of tasks we have to perform. And the huge wardrobe makes us feel overwhelmed and stressed. Unconsciously, we try to wear as many clothes as we can and find new combinations to integrate them. This activity can be enjoyable when you have all the time in the world, but otherwise, it becomes a source of stress.

Have you ever opened the doors of your wardrobe and while the clothes “fell on you”, the first thing that came to mind was “I have nothing to wear”? And I… almost every day. This contributes to daily stress.