Where to buy handcrafted and customized furniture for your home?

You’d be amazed that today we can buy anything online. Everything is available online, from clothes to groceries, tech to home appliances, and customized home furniture. However, when it comes to handcrafted and customized home furniture, you can’t just trust anyone. With so many e-commerce stores available, it gets overwhelming for the customers to get the best furniture for their homes.

 A good practice that helps you decide the best furniture store for your home is to read reviews of various stores and compare them. In this guide, we would give you general information about Maiden Home.

Maiden Home – An Ultimate Combination of Comfort and Beauty

One of the leading online furniture for selling handcrafted and customized furniture is maiden. If you haven’t heard about maiden so far, then you are missing out on some excellent home furniture. With a motto that everyone deserves customized, high-quality furniture for their space, Maiden home has provided excellent craftsmanship to their customers. Experts manufacture all their furniture, and they claim superior quality furniture without compromising comfort.

 However, the real question is, is it worth spending your money on maiden home accessories or not? Is their claim good or just a hoax? Here is a breakdown of the company’s quality, service, price, delivery, and ordering as per the customer reviews.


When it comes to the furniture quality, the maiden home delivers what they claim. According to the customer reviews, the quality of each and every piece of furniture is impeccable. The cherry on top, the furniture is comfortable. Moreover, people love their design and choice of colors.


As tempting as the furniture of the maiden home, some customers think that the prices are too high. However, the online customer rating of the company shows an overall rating of 4 out of 5 stars in respect of prices. It means that the prices of maiden products are justifiable.

Service and Delivery

Whether an ecommerce store is worth your time and money depends not only on its prices and product quality. Other factors like customer service, delivery process, and returns and exchange policies also play a vital role. In regard to the maiden home, customers have reported that their services, as well as the delivery procedure, are highly unsatisfactory. Customers have told me that it takes months for your favorite furniture to reach its destination. Moreover, when it comes to customer service, customers experience late responses and often no response.

Final Verdict!

Despite the low rating for delivery and services, the overall rating of the maiden home is five stars with a high rate of the order. Each day many customers order their furniture from this shop. In our opinion, if you can wait for months to redo your home furniture, then no doubt a maiden home is an excellent choice to consider. However, suppose you are in immediate need of a furniture update. In that case, relying on a maid is not a wise option. Some other furniture shops provide their services online and deliver handcrafted and customized home furniture.