German Clothing Brands Worth Trying

Clothing is one of the basic needs of humans. It offers a protective layer from elements in the environment, including shielding us from the sun and keeping us warm. Clothes also provide some sense of personal identity. Internationally, all regions and countries have a particular clothing style. When it comes to German fashion, there are some related stereotypes. For example, outside Berlin, socks and sandals are popular, while inside berlin, all black wear is said to be the order of the day. While the stereotypes aren’t always fair, the truth is Germany has produced some of the best street labels and designer brands globally. If you would like to look at several fashion shops, you can have a look at nu in berlin. Below are some of the German Clothing brands that are worth trying.

Some history of clothing

Natural elements were used to make the very first clothes. These natural elements include shells and bones, leaves and grasses, Furs, and animal skins. These clothes were mainly tied or draped. Evidence of leather has been pointed out from simple needles made from animal bone and fur garments that date back to about 30,000 years ago. New materials have since then been progressively used.

Germany is a country that’s leading as far as the fashion industry is concerned. It supplies its fashion products globally. Traditionally companies and brands were measured according to the value of their market. However, ranking brands should entail more than just the number of products they’ve sold. Specifically, fashion should be a product of its time.  Generally, products that are made in Germany are considered to be well made and high-quality. There are many clothing brands from Germany, and millions of persons globally wear clothes from Germany without even being privy to the fact that they are wearing them. Germany has various iconic clothing brands, and below are the top 5 German brands.


Established in 1976, ASOS is a leather luxury good that is globally renowned. It was founded by Michael Cromer Munich, explaining why it’s also often abbreviated by its founder’s name. It offers lots of fashion for both men and women. It offers Rucksacks, Bags, wallets, clothing, accessories, loungewear, underwear, and shoes as far as men are concerned. For ladies, it also offers the same.

2. Puma

Founded in 1948, Puma is a German clothing and shoe brand and a German multinational corporation. It specializes in the manufacture and design of casual and athletic footwear, accessories, and apparel. It is the third biggest sportswear manufacturer globally and has its headquarters in Herzogenaurach, Bavaria, Germany. Puma offers a wide variety of clothes and also provides all categories of shoes. Some of the clothing’s that it offers include tops & T-shirts, Sports bras, Polo’s, Hoodies & Sweatshirts. Jackets, Soccer jerseys, joggers & Sports, skirts & pants, Dresses, and shorts. Bras, underwear, swimsuits &, Bikinis and Socks are also here. For men, Puma offers Polo’s, T-shirts and Hoodies & Sweatshirts.  Children of all ages will also find a variety of products at Puma.

3. Tom Tailor

Headquartered in Hamburg first and founded in January 1962, Tom Tailor is a vertically integrated German lifestyle clothing brand. Women offer a variety that includes Coats and Jackets, Pants, Jeans, Tops & shirts, Rope. Bikinis, blouses, skirts, shorts, and Jumpsuits. You’ll find Coats and Jackets, Rope and pants, jeans, Polo & shirts, and Swim shorts for men.

4. Marc O’Polo

Founded by Rolf Lind in 1967, Marc O’Polo is a Swedish German fashion label. It offers items for juniors, men, and women. It offers Jackets, Coats, Knitted sweaters, blouses, Shirts, Cardigans, and sweaters for the ladies. At Marc O’Polo, you’ll also get blazers, polos, clothes, over shirts, jeans, and skirts. Jumpsuits, pants, swimwear, underwear, and nightwear. Men will find all the items they use daily at Marc O’Polo.  The same case applies to the junior sections

5. Hugo Boss

Mostly styled as Boss, Hug boss was funded in 1924 and has its headquarters in Metzingen, Baden Württemberg. They offer a variety, including accessories, clothing fragrances, and footwear. It is one of the largest clothing brands in Germany and offers clothes for men, children, and women.

For men, Hugo boss offers sweaters & cardigans, Coats, and Jackets. Mix & match suits, Jeans, trousers, and blazers. They’ll also find Polo shirts, T-shirts, sweatshirts, nightwear, and underwear. On the other hand, women will find dresses, coats, jackets, cardigans & sweaters, jeans, blazers, trousers, skirt suits, and Trouser suits. You can also find T-shirts, tracksuits, blouses, and tops. Hugo’s boss also offers bathrobes.

In conclusion, with this article, some of the best German brands have been discussed.