How to Check if an Online Store is Legit

As the number of online sites and technology advances, the types of online fraud are also becoming more diverse. To protect yourself, we provide some recommendations and resources and that can help you detect whether a website is legit or a fraud. Millions of people shop online every day, spending of hundreds of billions of dollars. The number of online retailers is equally impressive, which means that you get a wide range of shops to choose from and that you fall victim to fraud shops. However, there are specific steps you can take that will help you pick a trustworthy shop. Shopping customer review is essential before shopping online. With the numbers rising every year and scammers finding ingenious new ways to commit cybercrimes, it’s imperative to learn to recognize these forms of attacks. For the best online shopping experience, visit QUBE EMPORIUM SHOPPING and check our customer reviews about the online store.

Ways to check online stores

Examine the URL and Address Bar carefully.

Unless the address bar (URL) has a lock icon or an “s” in the URL, you can verify that the site is secure by checking whether the URL begins with “https://.”. Though it does not automatically stop scams, a secure site is protected from hackers by encrypted processes. Examine clothing stores closely before buying.

Visit our contact page to learn more.

You can contact the company in several ways. It would be a good idea to proceed with caution if you don’t see multiple options (phone, email, live chat), so make sure you see them all.

Social media review of the company

Social media presence and activity are familiar among legitimate companies. Review the company reviews on the company website, look at the social media icons, and find out if actual employees are listed on LinkedIn.

Make sure the domain name is correct.

Using “similar” domain names, scammers will trick users into believing they are on a legitimate site, such as or, despite subtle changes they make you may not even notice. Make sure you have not been redirected to a website that is not legitimate by checking the address bar.

Find out how old a domain is

An individual can quickly determine the age of a domain by looking at it. A website that has a long history assures us that it has existed for a long time. A site that is a scam or a fake usually doesn’t last very long since it is removed early and shut down by legitimate business websites.

Make sure your grammar and spelling are correct.

A reputable company website will take great care to have a professional look. A high percentage of spelling, punctuation, and grammar errors may mean the website was created quickly. A website can contain occasional typos, but excessive errors may indicate that the site is not legitimate.

Review the privacy policies on the website

Due to data privacy laws and regulations, most websites must provide visitors with policies and procedures regarding collecting, using, protecting, and storing their data. Usually, sites provide detailed information through a web page or link to a document. If you consider making an online purchase or supplying information, it is important to view and read this information carefully.