Corporate Team Building in Niagara Falls


Single Team Challenge (3 – 8 players) Teams will race the 60 minute clock in one of our Homeroom or Whodunnit games.

Team vs Team Challenge(8 – 20 players) Teams will race against each other and the 60 minute clock in either our Homeroom or Whodunnit games.

Multi Team vs Team Challenge (16 – 40 players) Teams will race against each other and the 60 minute clock in BOTH our Homeroom and Whodunnit games.

Mega Challenge(24 – 60 players) Teams will be divided between all 6 of our rooms for 60 minutes of game time. 

Morning Meeting Challenge(10 – 60 players) Have a morning meeting in our conference area and break up the day with an escape room challenge for the group. After having fun and getting the brains working you can return to your work. You can even have a coffee break if you want to add it. (Wi-Fi, Flip Charts, and Projector available)  

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Tired of dull and conventional team building events in the city? Escape Rooms provide challenging scenarios packed for your team. Our Escape Rooms will provide a unique and fun event for corporate team building entertainment and networking events.

We offer an excellent team building experience in Niagara Falls where your team has to work together to break out of a locked room in 60 minutes. Our Escape Games are designed to be fun yet offers an insight towards group dynamics and problem solving behaviour. You might discover new qualities in your co-workers, or even yourself that you weren’t aware of!

Since opening in July 2016, we had numerous companies that have sent their teams to experience our Escape Room in Niagara Falls!

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Team building events are meant to build upon the company's strengths while building employee confidence, goodwill, and morale.

Team building events also provide the unique opportunity for employees to spend time together in a non-work environment working together to solve puzzles and complete activities. Team building events are meant to do just that - build stronger teams. 

Niagara Falls Reader's Choice Award
Escape room team building is a new trend that’s quickly catching fire.

In case you aren’t in the know, escape rooms are immersive role-playing games. Players are “locked” inside a room and tasked with solving the room’s mystery within a set amount of time. Once they solve the mystery or reach the end of the time limit, they are “set free.”

Escape rooms vary from venue to venue. Each room has a theme that helps the immersion process. Popular themes include Classroom, Murder Mystery, Artist Studio and a Study. 

Escape rooms make great bonding experiences. All players must work together to solve the escape room’s mystery. For that reason, they are popular ventures for birthday parties, date nights and team building.


Escape Room Team Building

Because escape rooms require players work together, they have become popular for company team building.
Companies rent out escape rooms and then have their employees work together to solve the room’s mysteries. The exercise lets the team members bond and also gives the company a chance to see each member’s contribution.
For that reason, escape room team building has become one of the favorite exercise for companies.

The Benefits Of Escape Room Team Building
Team building via escape rooms has numerous benefits for team members.
Let’s take a look at those benefits below.

Members Set A Common Goal

Jointly, escape room players set a goal: to solve the room’s mystery and escape.

Likewise, department members set departmental goals. Finishing a project, addressing all items in the queue, getting numbers up — these are all common departmental goals.

Team goals, be they work- or escape room-oriented, all work the same way.

Team goal setting has three steps.

First, members must determine what they think the overall goal is. They make notes concerning what they think the department should be doing.

Second, they compare those notes with a few other members. Often, they’ll find their notes in confliction. They must work to revise their notes into one common goal.

Third, they compare the revised notes with the entire team. Again, they’ll likely find their notes in confliction.

The entire team must then work together to revise the notes again. This time, they’ll revise them into one common goal that everyone agrees upon.

Many team find this method of determining a common goal helpful. It helps them reorient their members and focus on that one goal.

Teams Can Assess Members

Everyone deals with conflict in their own way.

Escape room team building lets managers and the company see how departmental members handle conflict.

Conflict resolution can be tough to determine on the job. Often, members are trusted to do their part and then left alone.

That makes their abilities and conflict resolution style difficult to assess, especially if there is no paper trail.

During an escape room team building exercise, members come face-to-face. Everyone gets to see how everyone else deals with conflict.

This information is valuable for a few different reasons.

First, the department gets to know its members. It sees the members’ strengths and weaknesses when it comes to this vital problem-solving skill.

Second, the department can assess which members it should more closely watch.

Members who struggle with conflict resolution may need a workplace examination. That examination will show the exact areas where the members struggle. From there, a plan for improvement can be formed.


Everyone Get Into The Mindset

Problem-solving requires members get into a particular mindset to tackle a problem swiftly and efficiently.

That goes for solving escape room mysteries as much as working.

Escape rooms demonstrate the sort of mindset members need to get into in order to solve problems and work together.

Furthermore, escape rooms demonstrate members’ current mindsets.

There are two sorts of mindsets.

First, there’s the “growth mindset.”

Members who have a growth mindset see shortcomings as temporary. They think, “I don’t currently have this particular set of skills.” They view themselves as always growing.

In contrast, there’s the “fixed mindset.”

Members who have a fixed mindset see the present as permanent. They tend to think, “I just don’t know how, so there’s no point in trying.” They limit themselves, which equals poor performance at work.

Escape rooms help identify who has a growth mindset and who has a fixed mindset. Fixed mindsets should be addressed so they can develop a growth mindset.

Identify Disruption

Some members struggle with problem-solving, conflict resolution, and a fixed mindset. Such struggles can hurt their performance and the company’s performance overall.

And then there are members who are disruptive.

These members not only not add to the team, they take away from it. They are unpleasant to be around, which creates disruption and discord among the rest of the department.

There are several types of departmental members who take away from the team.

First, there are the quiet people.

These people aren’t just shy and passive. They literally never have anything to say or add. They simply stand back and let everyone do the thinking for them.

Next, there are the people who don’t understand.

They require the whole team to stop so they can catch up. It’s true, everyone learns at their own pace. However, these people hurt the team with their inability to grasp even small concepts.

Then there are the whiners.

These people complain about everything. They think everything is stupid or pointless and don’t waste time in voicing their opinion. Likely, they’ll find the concept of escape room team building stupid and pointless as well.

And you know you’ll hear about it.

Lastly, there are the jokers.

These people have input, but their input is usually random and invalid. As in, it literally has nothing to do with anything of consequence. They speak up just to get attention and have a bit of fun.

Escape room team building can help you identify these people and deal with them accordingly.

Get Members Engaged

Escape rooms let people explore tombs, search for buried treasure, and solve a hundred-year-old murder mysteries. They aren’t just problem-solving exercises. They’re fun, engaging, social activities.

Escape rooms are a type of game. Like board games and video games, they task players with overcoming obstacles quickly and effectively.

In fact, studies have found that those who play games are better learners.

Plus, escape rooms provide a break from the usual workplace activity.

Every now and then, it’s important that companies take a break and let their employees have a little fun.

A company lunch or dinner is nice. Escape room team building is better.

Escape room team building lets employees practice work-related skills while having fun. Escape rooms are a valuable tool for companies that want to assess their employees, grow their skills, and engage them.

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