7 Reasons Fashion is Regarded as Art Rather Than a Commodity

The importance of fashion transcends just the benefits of having a clothing material to put on our bodies. Fashion is essential art. It matters to every aspect of human life, and it is explored through various means. Essentially, fashion is art!

Fashion is too often seen only as a combination of clothing. But fashion tells a huge story and holds so much relevance that moves beyond what it is often perceived as. Regardless of how much the fashion industry is part of the thriving industries in the world, fashion itself reflects a lot away from the money it generates yearly for these industries.

The shift of fashion from not just being a commodity to art reveals a lot about fashion itself. Here are some of the reasons.

1. It is Symbolic: Fashion has mixed with certain elements of art and this, in turn, has transformed it into a highly symbolic art form. The way we dress, the outfits we choose to match any clothing, and the occasions we choose to wear any given outfit signifies the role such an outfit plays at that moment. With this, many fashion items have come to be characterized by different occasions and that’s what fashion always reflects.

2.It is a Manifestation of Human art Communication: When we wear certain outfits, we are already making a commentary and having a conversation with the outfit with our environment. With fashion outfits, we can communicate who we are, what the outfit entails and so many other expressions mixed in a pair of clothing.

3.It Reimagines and Rebuilds our Sense of Being: Fashion plays an important role in the way we perceive ourselves as individuals. The different pairing of clothing makes us feel different and this, in turn, affects how we see ourselves. This is often the reason various occasions come with different clothing as it conveys the person you want to be in that moment.

4.It Reflects Us: Since we often choose different items of clothing for different occasions with the mindset of conveying an aspect of us that’s of most importance at that moment, this is how fashion reflects our being. As human art, it models our inherent selves and makes them vivid on the sleeves of our clothes.

5.It is a Statement: Various fashion styles communicate an idea and seek to pass across the information. Over time, fashion has become one of the ways through which we express certain things, sometimes things we cannot voice out. With fashion, you can speak on anything while having it on your body.

6.It is Lived daily: Since fashion is very common, we can engage anyone to become aware and part of what we are wearing by merely wearing it.

7.It Isn’t Just What We Wear: The clothing we put on does not just end at what we are wearing. It often has an underlying meaning.

Fashion is not merely a commodity. It has moved beyond that to incorporate other ideas. And these are some of the ways it comes to life.